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Why Check-in Online?

If you’ve ever waited in an emergency department waiting room, especially during flu season, you’ve undoubtedly wished you could wait at home, or some place more comfortable. Now you can. With Astria Regional Medical Center’s ER wait-from-home check-in services, patients can select a time they want to be seen within the next few hours and show up for their appointment just like they would a doctor’s appointment.

This should not replace a primary care physician.  But we understand that sometimes a non-life-threatening emergency is still urgent and still needs emergency care. Now you can avoid the wait in an emergency waiting area and decide what time you would like to be seen.

Types of services that may be a good fit for emergency check-in powered by InQuicker include:

  • A limb that may be dislocated or broken and is resulting in increased swelling
  • An infection that seems to be spreading
  • A fever that needs attention
  • Intestinal pain that is getting worse
  • Pain that does not respond to treatment
  • Persistent dehydration in any form
  • Other symptoms that require physician attention before a physician is available

This service is not intended for life-threatening injuries or circumstances. If you are experiencing difficulty breathing or chest pain, call 9-1-1 immediately.

To check-in for a non-life-threatening emergency, click here.