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Astria Regional Medical Center’s talented rehabilitation team is well equipped to provide everything from physical and therapy to a full range of specialized services to assist patients after cancer, heart attack or brain injury. 

Mark Gordon M.D.
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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  • Full-service, 24-hour medical and rehabilitative inpatient care.
  • Customized rehabilitation services from physical, occupational, and speech and language therapists.
  • Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services

    Astria Regional Medical Center offers the only CARF International accredited comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation care in Central Washington. Our 17 bed unit has a 95% patient satisfaction rating and was recently recognized as a Top Performer in patient outcomes, earning us the elite award of Top 10% in the nation. Doctors are able to provide patients comprehensive rehabilitation care by coordinating with other specialties. Physical, speech and occupational therapists, social workers, spiritual care specialists, support group leaders, psychologists, dieticians and respiratory therapists all work together to create the most complete care for each patient. By being admitted to the hospital, patients are able to recover without interruption and have trained professionals of all types at their fingertips. 

    The focus is on relearning old skills and developing new ones after a disabling event. Patients participating in inpatient rehab may have had a stroke, head or spinal cord trauma, amputation, multiple trauma, orthopedic surgery or pain. 

    Our mission

    Our mission is to provide effective, team-oriented rehabilitation services to persons with functional limitations. Our goal is to return patients to their communities at an optimal functional level.

    For further program information or for a tour, please contact our admissions coordinator at (509)728-4045.


    Physiatrist - A physiatrist is a medical doctor that has received specialized training and education in physical medicine and rehabilitation. They provide medical oversight for the patient's care while on the rehabilitation unit, and coordinate their rehabilitation program.

    Physical therapist - A physical therapist will take the patient through a program to regain their strength, endurance, coordination, and balance for activities such as walking and climbing stairs.

    Occupational therapist - An occupational therapist assists in maximizing self-care activities including grooming, dressing, bathing, eating, meal preparation, home management, and other daily tasks. They may also work with patients on arm strengthening and hand coordination.

    Speech language pathologist - A speech language pathologist provides evaluation, management, and treatment for speech, language, voice, swallowing, and thinking problems.

    Rehabilitation psychologist - A rehabilitation psychologist helps patients and their families understand and cope with the health issues that have brought them to the rehab unit. They may assist in the evaluation and treatment of depression and/or anxiety.

    Rehabilitation nurses - Rehabilitation nurses provide specific assistance and training with giving medication, disease management, skin management, pain control, safety, and bowel and bladder needs.

    Case manager - Case managers coordinate the transfer to the rehab unit and provide information to the patient's insurance company. The case manager is in charge of the team conference and will meet with the patient and their family to answer questions about the rehab process.

    Social worker - Social workers provide emotional support to the patient and family. They help plan for the patient's discharge and assist in coordinating services needed after discharge.

    Dietitian - Dietitians help choose meals tailored to the patient's tastes, medical and nutritional needs.

    Pastoral services - Pastoral services are available upon request to meet an individual's religious and spiritual needs.

    Pharmacist - Pharmacists provide and manage medication as described by the rehabilitation physician.

    Patient Information

    The rehabilitation program serves people with various types of medical, physical, and functional needs. Some of the conditions that are treated in the program are:

    • Stroke
    • Brain injury
    • Cardiac diseases
    • Neuropathy & myopathy       
    • Spinal cord injury
    • Multiple trauma
    • Debility due to surgery
    • Amputations
    • Polyarthritis
    • Hip fracture/other orthopedic conditions
    • Neurological disorders
    • Guillain-Barré
    • Complex medical conditions

    Our program honors the diversity of our clientele. In the 2009 calendar year, 13.3% of those we served were of Hispanic descent; likewise, 2.7% of those we served were Native American, 81.6% were Caucasian, and 1.4% were Asian.

    Patient satisfaction

    We are committed to the satisfaction of our patients and their families. All patients/families are asked to complete a satisfaction survey when the program is complete. Our overall Patient Satisfaction Score was 95%.  

    Patient comments

    "I think you guys did a good job with me. I feel blessed to have come through like I did and I'd give you a 15 (on a scale of 1 to 5) for overall satisfaction." 

    "They helped me out quite a bit. I had excellent care on your Rehab Unit" 

    "I had excellent care. The therapy helped me a whole lot!" 

    "It was wonderful. The nursing staff was right there when I needed anything and they were very caring." 

    "I really enjoyed it. They spoiled me up there." 

    "We would certainly recommend your Rehab" 

    "It was a beautiful place-my room was like a queen's room. It was a wonderful place to get better!"

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    Whether you are recovering from injury or complex illness, our team of knowledgeable, caring professionals are well equipped to provide a full spectrum of rehabilitative and supportive care. At Astria Regional Medical Center, our mission is to provide effective, team-oriented rehabilitation services to persons with functional limitations, returning patients their communities at an optimal functional level.

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