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Home and Assisted Care

Astria Regional Medical Center is dedicated to providing quality health care services that address special needs of patients and families within our facilities, as well as an array of services and support for quality home care. Our comprehensive services offer care, resources and support through:

  • Home health care – High-quality, cost-effective home care is delivered by a multidisciplinary team, offering everything from specialty nursing care and physical and occupational therapy, to home infusion therapy, nutritional counseling and medical social work services.
  • Medical equipment – We believe that patients are happier and more comfortable when they are able to recover at home, so we can help arrange an extensive array of home care products at an excellent value.
  • Palliative care – Our palliative care team is focused on patient comfort and preserving quality of life for those with serious, life-limiting illness.
  • Hospice care – We offer both home and residential hospice care delivered by our compassionate, caring hospice team.