Health & Well-Being

Yakima Regional Medical & Cardiac Center is an important part of our community's health. As your partner in health, we offer programs on general interest topics to improve your well-being and increase your quality of life.


Coping With Chronic Pain

When pain becomes a chronic condition, you need "super skills" for coping. Come to this class and learn... Read More »

Family Support While Healing the Heart

This class will discuss family relationships and some of the emotional challenges that may occur while healing from... Read More »

Getting to Sleep

A good night's rest is fundamental to health, both physical and mental. In this class, you will learn the basics of... Read More »

Healthy Eating for Diabetes

If you have diabetes or live with someone who does, this group is for you! Learn how your blood sugar is affected by... Read More »

Heart Healthy Eating

You can improve your heart health and quality of life by choosing nutrient-rich foods. Learn about fats, sodium, sugar,... Read More »

Hypertension: Do You Measure Up?

Learn how to prevent and manage high blood pressure and recognize when high blood pressure requires immediate attention... Read More »

Matters of the Heart

Increase your understanding of cardiac risk factors, signs and symptoms of a heart attack, and the importance of early... Read More »

Mindful Eating

Many people know a lot about healthy eating, but struggle to make it happen in their busy lives. This class will explore... Read More »

Principles of Exercise

This class will highlight the following areas: aerobic exercise, strength training, and flexibility and will answer the... Read More »

Stress Management

Life without stress would not be a life at all. The question is, how do we cope with stress so that it supports our... Read More »

Taking Control of Your Heart Failure

While the diagnosis may be frightening, many people with heart failure lead normal, active lives. This class will help... Read More »

Understanding Your Medications

A pharmacist will help answer your medication questions about common medication problems, how to make your prescription... Read More »


Heart and Sole Mall Walkers

Looking for a great way to stay in shape without paying for an expensive gym membership? Consider joining Yakima Regional’s Heart... Read More »

Supermarket Safari

Join us for an adventure through the aisles of Fred Meyer to discover foods that can boost your health! Compare food... Read More »